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Your name is Vevarr Furoch.

Your hobbies include BAKING and EXOTIC TOXINS, which has so far had far less tragic consequences than one would expect. This is because you never take the first bite out of anything you make. Ever. Fortunately, your TUBERODENT LUSUS is highly resistant to the aforementioned EXOTIC TOXINS. You like to have your nose up in everybody's business at all times, mostly because you trust them about AS FAR AS YOU CAN THROW THEM. This is not very far. You were not built for power, you were built for speed and also built for mucking about online with casseroles half the night. You have a CONTINUOUSLY UPDATING ONLINE CULINARY DOCUMENT with a respectable following to maintain.

Your trolltag is verminousEpicure and you tend to draaaw out yer worrrds and clickkk when ya talk.

VE: The quickkk brown foxbeasttt jumps over the laaazy dog

Name: Vevarr Furoch
Gender: Male
Title: Thane of Heart
Planet: Land of Platforms and Powder
Strife specibi: Utensilkind
Lusus: Ferret Mongoose Tuberodent
Notable abilities: Can read and manipulate emotional states. Semi-resistant to poison.

‣ Very bossy to those who let him get away with it and a complete pushover otherwise. He's like this pretty much all over - either very cautious or over the top enthusiastic.
‣ Naturally high-strung, but much more placid most of the time due to psychic self-control.
‣ Rarely uses his powers on others - less out of moral hangups and more because abusing that kind of thing can easily get a guy murdered. His reluctance to incorporate his natural abilities into his role as the Hero of Heart contributed to the failure of his session.
‣ His horns grow very quickly - they were near adult-sized last sweep. He had them snapped off near the base on an impulse because it was impossible to run or fight properly with them weighing him down.


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