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Played some Call of Cthulu last night! It was a pretty fun system. Three out of four players were stuck fighting an oozing monstrosity in the ship's hold and getting limbs gnawed off, while my twitchy professor stayed behind getting laid chatting about linguistics and fertility rituals with an NPC.

I say I am rather behind on meme as usual.

I spent a great deal of time getting into this guy's head during Mayfield days, and I just really like his motivations (Odin Sphere in general is awesome about that). He's not even an antagonist in most cases, he's just lashing out at the main characters because he's fucking PISSED and needs a target for that RIGHT DAMN NOW. Cornelius and Velvet were in the wrong place at the wrong time, Mercedes wasn't responsible for her mother and Beldor's actions, and Oswald... okay, Oswald really had it coming. I felt kind of bad winning in his path, especially after he started being a huge dick about Hindel to Wagner's face.

In any case, I like how you can really see where he's coming from, and how he's a big enough man (so to speak) to ease up and have a civil conversation after some good old-fashioned mutual assault. It's kind of hilarious, the way the acts work. There's chatting, Wagner flips the fuck out and tries to murder you, then goes back to chatting slightly calmer. I seriously regret never making this happen in Mayfield. Also not having him be more of a DRACONIC CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST. Or giving his size back and proceeding to reenact Godzilla.

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